THE Ultimate S15 Playoff Prelude

  • A.      The circus is in town!
  • We are getting close to the terminal act as we have to wave goodbye to half of the premiership teams that did not get enough points to ultimately secure themselves a place in the playoff arena – these being: open_squad, WASP and Budget Toucans.
  • It has been a fun ride, lots of ups and downs but in the end the “Carnival of Competitive” has to move on under the necessary loss of a  few artists (and clowns).
  • Therefore the sophisticated spectator gazes his eyes upon the big animals that are left in the ring.
  • B.      Battle-scarred carnivore
  • Having just finished feasting off the little cats, the first gate spits out FeilaESports.
  • They chewed up every opponent except the grey eminence lurking in the back.
  • Even though it might sting a bit that WASP took two points away from them in the season – in the ending account it doesn’t matter as they comfortably sit on the second place going into the playoffs.
  • So let’s add some faces and personalities to the old-school beast again.
  • Jynxii and Mentelex make up the fierceful Feila flank that might seem to not have the sharpest teeth if you look onto certain numbers. The first impression can be quite wrong though as you have to take the playstyle of Feila into account.
  • Compared to the other flanks they don’t get as many frags. They do get a lot of assists and damage however, which, to only list some aspects:
  • I. Enables the combo to push aggressively with a health advantage.
  • II. Shuts (counter-) aggression down which is crucial in a more offensive team.
  • Speaking of these aspects playing into the hands of a certain combo:
  • With JoeN leading his team quite vocally the battle plan is always set rather clear on an ear-tickling volume of an estimated 200 dB. All memes aside though, it is important to have a clear line and commit to something. Complimenting that playstyle and throwing herself in the merciless pool of meme potential for that sole goal is Polish powerwoman Leila. Even though the heals are merrier than the ubers more often than not, that premises is partly caused by the very playstyle just mentioned (and by not being able to mute people irl).
  • To add the big backbone of the combo to the (+)2 mentioned above, it is ETF2L Admin and veteran player Bloodis bringing out the big guns and arguably some calmness to a heated mumble atmosphere.
  • Providing proper protection and a few hot drinks Teatime seals out the core of the team.
  • On the toymaker class we have American respresent Spamfest from across the ocean. Not only did he stick out with innovative plays this season, he also has the mechanical skills to make the majority of them work too. Backed up by his shotgun is it really – Spamfest?, I’d say it is more like a Bam!-fest.
  • Moving on to the deadly predators out of the steppe we have french flickmaster and LAN-proven laptop outlaw Cazaroc scoping the area out. Not only does he put headaches into enemy ro(o)sters, but you might also rethink pushing long angles before you unvoluntaviely get that idea put in your head.
  • While the battleground is occupied by the big cats in town tearing each other apart, we have a deadly assassin lurking in the dark. Edging his way closer and closer from behind it is Adje picking off distracted and unfortunate souls, while rendering the efforts of catching him rather useless.
  • Not only is his sleek dodging on fleek. He also has the highest k/d and ka/d among spies this season.
  • C.      Freshly boosted brawler
  • Eagerly pawing the ground and thirsty for blood it is a rather surprising third place sitting in the second corner. Lucrosa have had a bit of an anonymous season by staying  deceicevly in the shadows, since they were all the way down on the 5th position before their week 5 game.

week 4

  1. Thanks to a 6-0 win over WASP and due to open_squad not getting any points in their last game Lucrosa managed to barely claw their way into the big boy menagerie though.
  2. Can this rather reprising result cause an upset in favour of  the under”dogs”?
  3. It definitely did add some bloodlust and hype to the hunt.
  4. But who is the predator and who is the prey, going down the species list shows us the way:
  5. The valuable vanguard consisting of wish and Kosuke hie’s out to not only cause carnage along the enemy lines, but also to play quite conservatively together. That creates space and sets up a territory being able to be pushed upon in order to slowly take ground and corner unfortunate victims.
  6. Looking sharp as always and bringing flamboyant irish eradication to the dining table it is Crayon scorching away the protective bush cover by utilizing the fair mechanics of the the Pyro class.
  7. Suddenly an uproar occurs! With arguably having more driving power than his cars, volvo enthusiast Cnoz jets through the tundra with impressive logs backing up the fact, that an aggressive stance of play is what he is fuelled by.
  8. All the way from the north we have Cronk imperturbably (and sometimes unintelligibly) keeping up safe spaces for his team to back out to. He does switch up his role in the pack at times though to assist in coordinated aggression, while also playing a bit more independent away from the heals to have a clear split focus in the combo.
  9. Mentioning heals: We have wifi-wiz kid (lol) Graba utilizing all the merry and cheeky mechanics available to the Medic class in order to keep his team alive.
  10. Lifting not only his own weight silently in the back lines we have arm-wrestling prodigy Rambosaur on Engineer. Even without having 185hp this bulky animal is buff enough to fight off any skittish scavenger threatening his nest.
  11. Straight from Italy we have BeS piercing holes in enemy lines.
  12. Although he sits a bit more silent in the back compared to the other longmen this season, he might spike his performance significantly up and ignoring snipers always leaves you open to the potential of being fatally stung.
  13. On the last spot we have long term spy and teleporter sapping main chooper being put on control. You better have your tickets ready otherwise he’ll make you pay heavily for your lack of attention.
  14. D.      The beast to beat
  15. But we have left the real threat to  the end.
  16. It would be foolish to ignore the literal :elephant:,
  17. That sat in the room rather silently,
  18. Yet took all the points quite violently.
  19. Slowly increasing, power releasing,
  20. Resilient and calm,
  21. Un-sturdy, no qualm?
  22. The flank is pure lethal,
  23. Mayh’s quick like a weasel,
  24. Meatshotting to thrive,
  25. Inflicting consistent 105.
  26. While adding JackyLegs to the fray,
  27. All there’s left is hoping and pray,
  28. Since this coordination works without words,
  29. Compares to shooting with cannons on birds.
  30. Out of the ash,
  31. After you press the “3”,
  32. It is GardenFungus making spies flee,
  33. And forcing aerial bombers to crash.
  34. Slovakian legend Adysky on the other hand,
  35. Makes logs explode with damage numbers,
  36. Puts entire rosters into eternal slumbers,
  37. To ultimately leave only scorched land.
  38. Adding to the burn quite blatantly,
  39. Micromanaging like in a maincallers fantasy,
  40. Yet also being a walking barrel of death,
  41. Sandburn puts an end to each breath.
  42. Topping the cake,
  43. Unfazed by any shake,
  44. It is Cherryrendezvous in his sentry nest,
  45. Plowing through – leaving opponents no rest.
  46. On the class that is a walking dispenser,
  47. Degu pulls out his healing sensor,
  48. To make up for his teams lack of regeneration,
  49. And silently soaks up mumbled frustration.
  50. Bringing the teutonic expertise into play,
  51. And being a pick class carry all day,
  52. What a surprise – on the sniper class,
  53. Milchmann is throwing not only milk in a glass.
  54. To close off the roster and the hopes of his foes,
  55. Villdjack revolvers, it’s not even close!
  56. That 1v1 needs no backs to work,
  57. Yet having insta-kill is a neat little perk.
  58. E.       Spotlights, stage and action!
  59. And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen.
  60. The Semi-Final competitors that will battle it out in order to have a shot at hunting down the paramount pachyderm patiently awaiting his next meal in the Grand Final.
  61. The audible audience frowns, and shakes, and rumbles as there is only one thing left to do.
  62. You only have to take out your favourite pencil and mark the entire week red.
  63. Because that’s the time where you can catch all the action of the Highlander Semi- and Grand Finals vividly throbing on KritzKast! (not sponsored, not sorry)
  64. Stay tuned for the announcement of the schedules and match dates and we’ll see you fresh and live with your most precious memes and binds in the Twitch Chat.

Notes of the author/Trivia :

  • I am always happy to receive feedback. To be quite honest with you, it fuels me.
  • This article is inspired by “The Glove” by Friedrich Schiller.
  • I am officially too whacky for serious websites, which is an absolute fair point to make. Feel free to express your defiant “riot” attitude anyway, you rebel. Q(°L°)q
  • You can also trash my Grade A english. If you read this, however, be aware you likely spent a bit of your time on reading an article in Grade A level english.
    Get rekt.

– Domaytoe


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